Letter from George Turner to his Aunt Susan, 09 Dec 1863



Headquarters 3d R.I.A.

Camp Terry. Morris Island. S.C.

December 9th 1863,

Dear Aunty,

I suppose you are waiting patiently for a letter from me and I know you will forgive me for being so tardy when I tell you that for the last few days my time has been so much taken up that I could not get time to write. Every morning I have to take a squad of men with me and go down to the lower end of this island to draw the men's whiskey who are working in the batteries at the front. Now I suppose you think I am in a very dangerous piece of business. But I will tell you truly that I never have tasted of a drop of it since I had the job put in my charge. It is generally after twelve o'clock when I get back to camp and I must always start early in the morning. This noon when I arrived here I was very arguably surprised to find my box had arrived and laying in my tent waiting for me to open it; and this noon between Alonzo and myself hard tack & grape sauce had to suffer. We paid our compliments to those strawberry tomatoes and found them very nice for a soldier's palate. Tell Tony I have not tasted of the "Catsup" yet but to judge from appearance I should say it was very nice and for it I send her many thanks. Please ask her if she has received the letter which I sent her on the 19th of September. I am very much obliged to you also for the present which you sent me; and tell all the rest who were concerned in the box that I will pray for them continual. "to send me another". Every since last Saturday there has been a terrible blow Sunday afternoon the "monitor" Lehigh sunk right off opposite of our camp. I understand that 20 blue jackets were drowned but how true the statement is I do not know. I think that Admiral Dahlgren has rather got the laugh on himself this thi time and now mistake. Here he lays within full view of the rebs with his great iron clads and dare no strike them a blow but lays off here in rough water and when a little blow comes on down goes his iron clad to the bottom. Day before yesterday the rebels fired a shell into one of our mortar batteries killing 1 and wounding 11. Pretty good shot was'ent it. The men all belonged to the 11th Maine Regiment. The report is that on the 20th there is going to be a general engagement but for the truth of the statement I cannot vouch. Well I must close give my love to all,

From your loving nephew George

Corp Geo M. Turner Co. A 3d R.I.A. Morris Island S.C.




Turner, George M.


Turner describes being in charge of drawing the whisky for men on the batteries at the front. Turner describes the sinking of the Lehigh. Turner reports that the rebels fired a shell into one of the mortar batteries, killling 11 men from the 11th Maine.


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865


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