Letter from George Turner to his Mother, 28 Apr 1863



Camp Burnside Beaufort S.Ca. April 28th 1863.

My dear Mother,

Your kind letter of the 1st inst I received the same day I did father's in answer to mine of the 9th. I am at present living in a tent with Alonzo and we enjoy ourselves quite well under the circumstances. I fell pretty poor you better believe after being blown up by the rebels and losing every thing. Dear Mother I thought of home & the dear ones there in that hour of trial and I think it must have been your prayers that saved me from harm. I am enjoying the best of health and I hope this will find you enjoying the same. Our camp is in a beautiful scituation about one mile from Beaufort. There is a plantation on one side of us and a live oak grove on the other side. Blackberries and Whortleberries are in abundance. Alonzo went out this morning and picked about three pinnts of green whortleberries and we are going to stew them for dinner. We buy a quart of milk of the nigs every morning and have bread and milk for breakfast. Big thing for snogers is'ent it to live in that style. Alonzo and myself went down to Beaufort yesterday and had our pictures taken on one plate for his sister Louisa you must not be offended because I did not send you one some time ago and it is no easy matter to get one taken out here in Dixie. There is a very good artist in the City of Beaufort and he takes "visites" and if I can get a pass next week I am going to have some taken. We cannot tell you much about the fight up to Charleston for we cannot hear much for they keep us in the dark. But my solemn opinion is that our iron clad got the worst of it, I hope Mr Burgess & an his Wife will enjoy themselves; what has become of his son Frank. The soldiers were very much pleased with the state election for Mr. Smith seems to be a true friend of the soldiers. I have received my bundles of shirts also that razor and a letter from father containing $15.00. My shirts were a little to large in neck. Give my best repsects to Mrs Pitcher & family. Did Mr Elsbree received the letter which I wrote him some time ago. My friend Gilbert also owes my a letter. Well I must close give my love to Sule and all enquiring friends.

From your loving Son. George.

Direct Geo M. Turner Co A 3d Regt R.I.V. Beaufrot, S. Ca.




Turner, George M.


Turner reports that he is enjoying living in a tent with Alonzo. Turner hopes to visit an artist who takes "visites." (Cart de visite)


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865


Harris Collection on the Civil War and Slavery


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