Letter from George Turner to his Cousin, 03 Dec 1861



Fort Welles Hilton Head S.C.

Dec 3rd 1861.

Dear Coz,

I hope you will not feel offended at the way in which I send this small note I think it is good enough although you may not. And I have something which I want to let out folks know very much. A great think has happened since I closed your letter last evening. When our mess turned in about nine oclock it rained as hard as ever I sw it and it continued to do so until after twelve oclock. And the noise it made on the tent cause me to sleep very bad. About one oclock I awoke I had been laying awake a few moments when I heard the sargeant of the guard come and awake the durmmer of my company. I thought nothing of it at the time. But soon after they had gone out of the Fort I heard somthing which sounded to me like the "terrible tidings to a soldier" the drums beating the long roll. No one but a private by the name of [?] Gould and myself was awake at the time in my company. I lay and heard a few moments and then went out of the one sargeants met me and told me to get my cartridge box, sabre and rifle just as soon as possible. By the time I had got them on the Captain yelled at the top of his voice "Company fall in." After we had formed company we marched out of the Fort and maned the light battery for we are light artillery as well as sharp shooters. Companies E and G came into the fort and maned the large guns in there. The rest of the regiment drew up in line as infantry. We were all ready for the attack. And so were all the rest of the regiments on the island. We stood in this way about 2 hours when we were order to our quarters raedy for a start at a moments notice. I can tell you what at what it is I begin to think that we need reinforcements. Now this trouble was caused by the firing of the pickets and it is said that they took 5 secesh prisoners. There has quite a large fleet arrived today. Tell father to send me a box tell him to start it from home about the 14th of Dec. It is awful cold this evening. I have got my over coat on the cape wound all around my head. Tell Father I should like to have one of my old atlases. When I began this letter I thought of sending it an other way but I at last came to the conclusion to throw away another stamp. JC Pop

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Turner, George M.


Turner describes his preparations for attack in the middle of the night.


United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865


Harris Collection on the Civil War and Slavery



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