William Bingley

Dates: 1737?-1799
Bingley published issue number 47 (May 10, 1768) of the "North Briton", a radical newspaper, an act for which he was jailed in Newgate for 72 days. Later he was jailed for debt. The inscription on his grave at St. Bride's reads: "Cold is the heart that beat in Freedom's cause, / The steady advocate of all her laws. / Unmoved by threats or bribes his race he ran, / And lived and died the Patriot!
Page 25: Plomer, Henry R. A Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers Who Were At Work in England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1726 to 1775. London: Oxford University Press, 1932.
Occupations: bookseller, printer, publisher


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