About This Collection

The images available on this site were taken from a set of portraits mounted on paper and inserted into four large binders, with the title "Portraits of Printers & Booksellers" in gilt lettering on each spine. It is believed that the binders were purchased from the Chiswick Book Shop in June of 1960, and altogether they include over 400 depictions of printers and booksellers, as well as other members of the book trade.

The portraits are one portion of the Providence Public Library's Daniel Berkeley Updike Collection, one of the premier American collections of books and other materials relating to the history of printing, especially typography.

Initial project supervision by Richard Ring. Metadata and scanning supplied by Robin Camille Davis, Janaya Kizzie and Zachary Lewis.

A limited edition print featuring some of the Updike Collection portraits was produced in 2010 by Dan Wood and Katherine Cummings, and is available via the Tiny Showcase website.

For more information about this website or the Updike Collection, contact the Special Collections Librarian, Jordan Goffin.

This site provides access to images from the Daniel Berkeley Updike Collection on the History of Printing at the Providence Public Library. Read more about the project or contact Special Collections with questions or comments.